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Marketing has undergone a major shift in perspective. This is where Performetris steps in. Performetris is an SEO company based in India’s lush green silicon city, Bangalore. We are a small business firm with about a 100 employees across major metropolitans in India. We claim to be a leader in the search engine marketing industry since 2004 commanding an undisputable position in the field of web design, website development, search engine optimization and other related quality link building services. We are one of the most advanced online marketing agencies helping both large and small businesses achieve their full potential online. We have been known to walk that extra mile with our clients in helping them visualize what they want out of their business. In a nutshell, we leave no stone unturned in helping our clients maximize their website visibility, usability, conversion and return on investment to create a total online dominance.

Skilled Research

At Performetris, we dominate the field of developing e-Commerce solutions and web marketing strategy. We can proudly boast of our understanding of the dynamics of online marketing tactics to usher in the maximum traffic and sales for your website. As a Professional SEO firm, we believe that being ‘Digital’ is a state of the mind and an art of doing business. Experienced in the domain of Online Trade, we know quality targeted traffic takes time to build and cultivate and we work hard to get your job done well. We have a serious research team that has compiled the latest, comprehensive research data to thoroughly assess and position your company’s website at the top of today’s major search engines.

Committed to delivering ‘Quality’

We are committed to connecting customers to your website for a memorable experience with your brand by using digital tactics that work – from search marketing and Web development, to social media, and mobile solutions. We understand customer behavior, and respond with online programs and experiences that cater to them, helping those customers find what they’re looking for.

At Performetris, we combine experienced talent with world-class technologies to efficiently create marketing programs that work wonders.

We are India’s premier affordable internet marketing option that your business just can’t do without.

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