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Marketing has undergone a major shift in perspective. This is where Performetris' steps in. Performetris is a Digital Marketing and Analytics company based in India’s lush green silicon city, Bangalore. We are a small business firm with about a 100 employees across major metropolitans in India.


We are India’s pioneer internet and digital marketing firm situated in Bangalore. Familiar with the online marketing trends, the core research team at Performetris Digital is creative and focused on ensuring your business brand credibility needs are met. Established as a new style brand communication and online marketing agency, our job is to design strategies that complement you, your brand and your product or service by using integrated, measurable digital strategies.


Performetris Digital is an enjoyable, exciting and challenging alliance that encourages companionship and collaboration. As such, the company strives to employ, maintain and distinguish employees who are high-spirited and zealous in their work-life balance.

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Performetris is committed to investing considerable amounts of time in developing rewarding long-term relationships. We believe great communication is the key to success. Have questions? Feel free to contact us with your requirements.

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