Outsource your Email Marketing Company India

Email advertising is one of the hottest promotional strategies today. Every company, from banks to real estate to health care, is using email advertising as a tool to reach people effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of Professional Email Marketing Services

Email advertising has several advantages. It is fast, cheap, effective, and enables to sender to give a personal touch. Email advertisements are not only informative but also act as reminders. They help the company to stay in touch with the customer. Customers can also be kept abreast of the latest offers from a company. Over the years, companies have mastered the art of attracting viewers through their inboxes.

Performetris Email Marketing Offerings

Performetris  offer email advertising services. Though these services are not exclusive, we are specialized in email advertising. We offer several services including designing the campaign, developing the message, sending the mails, and even checking the responses. Performetris generally buy lists of email addresses from other companies. Some companies generate their own lists from their database of existing and potential customers.

There are lists that contain only “opt-in” email addresses. But these are more expensive, though the response rate might be high. Performetris provide bulk-emailing services on behalf of clients. Other value-added services include the use of customer behavior information to design unique messages, tracking of campaign results and data integration.

Performetris provide comprehensive email advertising services along with all the required tools and software. We also use fast and reliable servers for instant message delivery and validations. We also ensure adherence to anti-spam laws by using only opt-in email lists. We have many software tools available today that make email advertising easier and more effective.

High Delivery Rate email blasts

We can deliver your email ads securely into the inbox of recipients and thereby increase your open rate considerably. That’s because we know how to send valid emails due to our extensive email marketing campaign experience. And we know just how to format your email ad messages in a way that protects them from being marked off as unwanted junk emails that need to be filtered off. We encourage you to try our email marketing solution service you will get a wonderful chance to reach the type of consumers you need.

Our Email Blasts have all the characteristics below:

  • Your email blast campaign will be started in a very short time after you order!
  • You will experience a high delivery rate of your email ads to the subscribers.
  • You will get a higher rate of response and real traffic visits to your website.
  • You Will a get Real-time Stats Control Panel Login for every emailing campaign you order.

Affordable Email Marketing Packages

Performetris provides several Email Marketing packages for both small and medium businesses.

  • Basic Email Marketing Package
  • Pro Email Marketing Package
  • Business Email Marketing Package
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