Facebook’s growing recognition and Global acceptance has made it quite widespread among various strata of education and business. Facebook Pages for business, Facebook Advertising, and now Facebook Places have increasingly become a relevant piece of most comprehensive marketing campaigns. Facebook marketing, streamlined in the right manner is an extremely powerful tool. It can increase your leads, attract highly targeted prospects and position you as a sought-after industry leader.

Benefits Of Facebook Marketing

  • Connect With Other Page Managers
  • Share posts
  • Host webinar with other companies having similar audience.
  • Enhances visibility for the audience to get acquainted with the brand/services/product .
  • A Facebook Page is a public profile that enables you to share your business and products with other Facebook users
  • You can also gain insight into various visitors clicking on your ad.

Comprehensive Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Page for Business Facebook Page for business is a public accessible Page that enables Facebook users to express views about your business and products. Once a fan “likes” your Facebook Page for business, all of their friends can see that action. This enables business to “push” marketing messages, known as “wall posts” to their newsfeeds daily. This provides top of mind awareness and an opportunity to cultivate new sales and extend relationships.

  • A Typical Facebook Business Page Project
  • Launching a Facebook Fan Page for your business, independent of your personal profile
  • Designing and developing 5 customized pages to promote specific categories
  • Linking all appropriate pages back to your website’s landing pages
  • Integration of Facebook Connect, a powerful set of APIs for developers that lets users bring their Facebook identity and connections to any site or application
  • In most cases we also launch a highly targeted Facebook Ad Campaign immediately after the Facebook Business Pages are launched.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising has emerged as a powerful tool scoring over traditional advertising hence with Facebook, you can connect with more than 500 million potential customers, choose your audience by location, age and interests, test simple image and text-based ads and use what works, promote your Facebook Page or website, use the “Like” button to increase your ad’s influence, build a community around your business, Control Your Budget

Facebook Places

Facebook Places, Facebook’s location-based feature, allows users to see where their friends are and to share their locations just about anywhere in the world. Benefit from the powerful marketing tool with expert Facebook places marketing. We help design campaigns around the check-in service to build awareness, grow their fan base and engage and reward customers. Provide incentives for people to who comes to your physical locations or events. Facebook Ad Campaign Launches include creating the Facebook Ad Account, Setting a not-to-exceed daily spending budget, creating a list of keywords and placing them in the ad system setting limits on geographical targets, managing the bids to create the best value we can for each click, creating up to 3 Ads and put them in rotation, 3 months of monitoring via our staff

Next Steps

Call or email us today and learn how Facebook Marketing Services can help you boost your business. We will give you a Facebook Marketing quote and custom analysis that projects the kind of reach and results that you might gain using our Facebook Marketing Services

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