LinkedIn Advertising is the most popular and effective marketing platform, especially for B2B marketing and advertising  as you can target users by their job role, industry, authority, company they work for, and their location.

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn as an online marketing platform offers much better exposure than traditional social media networks. Our services offer targeted marketing to promote, develop and manage your required business deals. Using effective LinkedIn marketing strategies, you can get bigger returns on lesser investment and reach targeted person irrespective of geographical barriers.

With Performetris Digital, you can generate followers, send clicks to your website, or promote content in the news feed.

Benefits Of LinkedIn Marketing Services

Some advantages to a LinkedIn Marketing Campaign services are:

  • Custom Targeting
  • Gain more clients
  • Run targeted ads
  • Targeted B2B marketing channel
  • Built-In Lead Generation
  • Affordable
  • Landing Page Options

Performetris’ LinkedIn Ad Methodology

1. Define Your Ideal Customer

We help you to define your ideal customer – based on what type of company do they work for (technology, retail, restaurant, etc.)? what position are they in (manager, sales, executive, etc.)? Where are they located? and so on.

2. Create Landing Pages

Secondly, we create landing pages on LinkedIn that not only attract customers but also sell targeted product or service. Our Landing pages campaign can help increase conversion rates. We offer:

  • Pages for specific products or services
  • Free trial offer pages for your product or service.
  • Squeeze pages to build your company’s mailing list by offering free content or discounts.

3. Research Other LinkedIn Ads

We do in-depth competitive research on other LinkedIn Ads and note down headlines, descriptions, and images that stands out.

4. Create Your LinkedIn Ad

For each campaign, we create up to 15 ad variations and test different headline, description, image, and landing page combinations to find the one that works best on your ideal customer.

5. Target Your Ad

Targeting is an important aspect of LinkedIn advertising and we help target your ad towards a specific audience.  You can also target to people based on location, company industry and size, job title and seniority, school, skills, groups they belong to, gender, and age.

6. Set Your Budget

At Performetris Digital, we help identify a optimal budget for your campaign after reviewing your goals.

7. Focus On Successful Variations

We toggle off the least successful variations so that your high converting ad campaigns are showed prominently and deliver the best results.

8. Measure The Results

We provide detailed measurement reports to see the difference in traffic from your ad compared to other areas like your profile, company page, search results, groups, and other LinkedIn areas.

Next Steps

Call or email us today and learn how LinkedIn Advertising Services can help you boost your business. We will do an Advertising Audit and custom analysis that projects the kind of reach and results that you might gain using our LinkedIn Advertising Services

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