Outsource Online Reputation Management Services to India

We have combined expertise on marketing and public relations to protect your corporate and brand reputation within the search engine and social media space. Track, monitor and rate your online brand mentions. Online reputation management is a specialised mix of search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations (PR).

Reputation Management – Fast Removal of Negative Posts

  • Are Forums/Social Media Negatively Affecting Your Brand?
  • Are you being attacked or smeared online?
    Are you mistaken for another business.
    Does your business have outdated info online?
  • Bloggers can damage your reputation
  • We manage Online Reputations for companies and individuals – Call Us Now!

Effective SEO can influence the search results in a Google or a Yahoo in such a way that a company can ensure that searches for their brand will yield positive, informative sites that help create awareness among the community and to help searchers better understand and research their products – which are in turn the goals of good PR. Our primary objective would be to push the negative results down from page 1 and increase the visibility of positive mentions to the top of the page 1.

Online Reputation Management Experts

  • Monitor: Set up Google and Yahoo alerts, Monitor industry-related sites. We monitor & engage online and offline.
  • Analyze: Online assets, Corporate Sites, Corporate Blogs, Employee Blogs
  • Influence: Blogs, Forums, and Consumer Opinion Sites, Consumer Complaint Sites, Social Network Sites, Competitor Attacks
  • Manage: We manage corporate online reputation, personal online reputation, and brand online reputation.
  • Maintenance: Organic position, Pay-per-click tracking on your branded items, Snapshots of the top 10 search engine results

Four step ORM process:

[tabs tab1=”Monitor” tab2=”Analyze” tab3=”Influence” tab4=”Maintenance” layout=”horizontal”][tab id=1][fontawesome icon=”magic” circle=”yes” size=”large”] Monitor the online conversations happens across consumer-generated medium (CGM). We have necessary warning systems to alert us of all news relating to the brand and also help clients to gather market intelligence and assess developing trends.

Actively montioring the search results and participating in the web-o-sphere will benefit your online reputation

  • Set up Google and Yahoo alerts
  • Use sites such as Feedster and Technorati
  • Tracking brand mentions through customized RSS readers
  • Monitor industry-related sites
[/tab][tab id=2][fontawesome icon=”check” circle=”yes” size=”large”] Analyze the scenario of the marketing, competition and search engine space for a particular brand mention. We also document the pre-position of the sites in the search engine space.

  • Online assets
  • Corporate Sites
  • Product Sites
  • Corporate Blogs
  • Employee Blogs
  • Partner Sites
  • Corporate Communications
[/tab][tab id=3][fontawesome icon=”thumbs-up” circle=”yes” size=”large”] Create new perceptions or influence the present ones by active participation in the consumer-generated medium (CGM). We actively participate in forums to share information, develop ideas and education.

  • Blogs, Forums, and Consumer Opinion Sites
  • Consumer Complaint Sites
  • Social Network Sites
  • Competitor Attacks
  • Trademark Infringement
  • Counterfeit Products
  • Counter-intelligence
  • Crisis Management Developments
[/tab][tab id=4][fontawesome icon=”wrench” circle=”yes” size=”large”] Online Reputation Management through monitoring, analyzing and influencing online communications can help prevent the loss of business and ensure the ongoing success of your organization.

  • Organic position
  • Pay-per-click tracking on your branded items
  • Snapshots of the top 10 search engine results
  • News about your brand
  • News about your competitor’s brands
  • Consumer generated media (CGM )
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