Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2014

The growth of Digital marketing across brands and segments is growing at an exponential speed. Recent digital innovations had led to several new marketing channels and media formats that helps a business to reach wide target market. Winners don’t rely on one set of framework, but how they will use the multi-channel, multi-media marketing framework that integrates different phases of digital such as Organic search, Paid Search, Social media marketing, Email, Content marketing, Infographics, Video, Personalization, E-commerce, Link building, and so on. Here are some of the interesting trends and practices on Digital marketing:

  1. Marketing via Online Channels: Online marketing trends reveal that Marketing professionals continue to promote their products and services through online channels and social media to reach a more targeted audience and address potential customers.
  2. Social Media marketing is maturing: Enterprise marketing is incorporating Social media as a branding tool to increase conversion, sales tracking, and increased traffic to the website. Social media trends see the visible growth of Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for promoting products and tracking customer sales and behaviour.
  3. Mobile Marketing exponential increase: Consumers are relying on mobile phones for almost everything texting, gaming, reading, writing , sending mails, booking tickets, trading, watching news etc.
  4. Content Marketing trends growing: Content development is becoming the biggest digital marketing trend as more people realizing that content is what sells, drives traffic to your website, builds authority and credibility and provides information and education to the customer that he needs to make a buying decision.
  5. Personalized Marketing Capabilities: Digital marketing trends predict and see more personalization capabilities embedded onto the websites. The analytic engines integrate data from other marketing channels including social media sites which help in increased sales and customer retention.
  6. Social and Mobile Video usage: The best digital marketing strategy is to promote through Videos which are best way to connect to people and promote sales, and they stay in peoples mind for a longer time.Distributing video via your social networks is a powerful digital marketing trend and a way to imprint your images into the memory of your customers and prospects.
  7. Search Engine Optimization trends: SEO Optimization trends increase to improve the visibility of the website organically for various search engines like Google and Bing.
  8. Data integration becomes mission critical: Data integration becomes mission critical as there’s so much more data with the advent of social media. The challenge to the IT analysts and marketers is integrating online and offline information from various sources.
  9. Teams collaborate on Cloud: Tools like Basecamp, Jive, and Salesforce help your team collaborate on marketing campaigns online and share tasks and documents though physically located elsewhere. Trends have seen the exponential rise of Cloud Applications to free the user from maintaining large infrastructures at work places.
  10. High Speed Internet drives Multimedia: The Internet is expected to become much faster than it’s ever been to share high resolution audio and video.
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