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Outsource Web Analytics Services to India

Some businesses rely heavily, on the success of their website to survive. As a result, it makes a lot of sense to have our experts review their analytics monthly. This is because even the smallest website improvements resulting from our recommendations can add up to a notable increase in profits over several months. An ailing website and a sparkling one, both attract attention of different types. An ailing website attracts the attention of web analytics like us, while sparkling websites attract traffic. To convert your website from ailing to sparkling, visit us and we will do an analysis for you.

Benefits of Professional Web Analytics Services

Choose from our advisory services to do a complete analysis of your website:

  • Track whether your site optimization activities are driving traffic
  • See which search properties, keywords, and online media placements drive traffic and provide the best conversion rates
  • Numerous additional reports available – download your data directly from the Web for further analysis with your desktop program
  • All accounts include campaign tracking tools

Performetris Web Analytics Offerings

Performetris is established as one of the leading research agencies for digital marketing and deals with all your website woes. Our research team is committed to provide you with the best results based on an in depth analysis. Our analysis team specializes in studying visitor behavior patterns make your web site more effective at converting visitors into customers.

Come to Performetris to experience customer satisfaction to the core. Our enterprise-class web analytics solutions provide you with rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. We use powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features backed by modern tools to analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. Our research is assesses your website along the following lines: Influential Design, Intuitive Navigation, Compelling Content, Persuasive Visitor Interaction, and Search Engine Attractiveness. We put all of this and more in the form of a report to make your website earn those bucks for you.

Core Principles of Web Analytics

Our services involve tracking, monitoring and analyzing the flows of visitors to websites, their journeys through it and out of it, as well as their transactional and purchase information.That’s what makes Performetris a special- and trusted place to build, repair and maintain your website through the best web analytics.

Affordable Web Analytics Packages

Performetris provides several Web Analytics packages for both small and medium businesses.

  • Basic Web Analytics Package
  • Pro Web Analytics Package
  • Business Web Analytics Package
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