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Measure your campaign success based on the results we achieve for you. Our Digital Marketing + SEO + PPC results speak for us. Because...

Reputation Management

We have combined 10+ years of expertise in digital marketing and public relations to protect your corporate and brand reputation in the search...

Conversion Optimization

Increase your website revenue with Performetris’ Conversion Optimization. We conduct focus groups, user testing and in-depth analysis to make sure...

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Choose from wide range of SEO packages that suits your budget and needs. We offer one-time On-Page Technical SEO package to a monthly recurring SEO solution. All our SEO services are highly focused, targeted to achieve optimal ROI for your business. Talk to our SEO experts in Bangalore today!

How Does Google Ranking Signals Work?

The weight of Google’s ranking signals can vary based on multiple factors for every single search. The SEO factors include content, backlinks, site architecture, HTML code, page speed and so on. In addition, location plays an important ranking factor to decide if the search query is location specific or not.

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Integrated Digital Marketing + Analytics
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Why Choose Performetris?

  • No fixed SEO packages – Tailored services that fit your needs.
  • End-to-end Digital Marketing – 360-degree SEO, SMO, Email, Video, and Content Marketing.
  • Website Security – Safeguard and protect your website from malware and viruses.
  • 100% Transparency – Share regular reports.
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Audit your website and social media profiles to understand and assess your business goals, competitors, current performance indicators, and provide a detailed study with recommendations and implementation plan.


Identify targeted keywords/phrases for your business and build/optimise landing pages that are highly relevant and profitable. Craft SEO+Social Media campaign around the Most Profitable Market (MPN).


Deploy strategic plan into action – On Page/Off Page optimisation, Email, Social Media Campaigns, Video Marketing, Measuring KPIs, and more around a solid content marketing strategies.

[Featured] Google Analytics Demo Account Available To Public

Googleannouncedyesterday that they are giving anyone and everyone with a Google account access to a public demo Google Analytics account with solid and useful data, set up correctly, in Google Analytics. The demo account is of the analytics for theGoogle Merchandise Storeand can be accessed byclicking here. Google said: The Demo Account includes data from

[Update] Google help doc defines Search Analytics impressions, position and clicks

Google has released a new help document that defines the metrics used on the Google Search Analytics report that webmasters can find within the Google Search Console.Specifically, it aims at defining three core metrics used on the report; impressions, position and clicks. What is an impression? A link URL records an impression when it appears

[Book Review] Analytics: Data Science, Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics for Business

Analytics: Data Science, Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics for Business (Algorithms, Business Intelligence, Statistical Analysis, Decision Analysis, Business Analytics, Data Mining, Big Data) SO MANY PEOPLE DREAM OF BECOMING THEIR OWN BOSS OR SUCCEEDING IN THEIR CHOSEN PROFESSION, AND WITH THE RESOURCES AVAILABLE TODAY, MORE ENTREPRENEURS AND PROFESSIONALS ARE ACHIEVING GREAT SUCCESS! HOWEVER, SUCCESS SHOULD

What are the best keyword tools for SEO and PPC?

The Basics: How to Find the Right Keywords for Your Business? One of the most asked question in the digital marketing space is to find the right keyword/phrase for the website that are realistic to get quick ranking as well as profitable enough to make business. Broadly, there are two approaches for identifying and selecting

How to create a Google / Bing PPC campaign for technical support?

Both Google and Bing AdCenter have introduced a lot of changes to their ad polices for using branded keywords/phrases in ad copies. Keywords/phrases such as HP, McAfee, Facebook, Norton, Yahoo, Facebook, etc., are getting affected. Specifically, Bing AdCenter Policy Changes for running Technical Support PPC Campaigns (18 November 2015): Advertisers offering services or otherwise promoting

Most useful SEO tips and tricks for new websites

Do you want your website to get better search engine visibility and generate good business? Tried various SEO techniques, but still no solid results? Frustrated and confused about modern SEO changes? Don't give up yet. SEO is quite simple if you know the rules of the search engine game. Follow our most useful and proven


Integrated Digital Marketing + Analytics

Performetris Digital is a world-class dynamic Organic SEO/Paid Search/Social Media Company in India.

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