Market Research Services

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Outsource your Market Research works to India

Performetris provides a full suite of online market research survey solutions via our premier partner network. Performetris partners are leading providers of comprehensive technology and process services for the market research industry. Your business can greatly benefit from our expertise in the market research services to identify and analyze the market need, size, and competition.

Benefits of Professional Market Research Services

  • Maintain competitiveness over competitors
  • Guides your communication with current and potential customers
  • Helps you identify opportunities in the marketplace
  • Helps you minimize risks
  • Measures your reputation
  • Uncovers and identifies potential problems
  • Helps you establish your market positioning

Performetris Market Research Offerings

Our technical team and partners have decades of market research experience in programming and managing survey research projects from end-to-end. Our high quality, high touch, full service solutions are cost effective and real-time. We use both  statistical and analytical methods to gain insights that supports decision making.

Affordable Market Research Packages

Performetris provides several Market Research packages for both small and medium businesses.

  • Basic Market Research Package
  • Pro Market Research Package
  • Business Market Research Package
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