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Performetris Digital is a premier pay per click management company in Bangalore, India. Backed by a team of certified Google Adwords PPC experts with extensive industry experience in delivering result-oriented pay per click campaigns. Manage your PPC campaigns seamlessly with our proven and time tested paid search strategies to achieve guaranteed ROI for every penny spent.

E-commerce, though in its infancy, has already reached unprecedented growth. With the fast-paced development in the digital space, pay per click advertising has acquired great importance. Develop an effective PPC marketing strategy with the help of a specialist PPC management company in Bangalore, India.

We provide dedicated and full-time Pay Per Click management services since 2003. We currently manage over 250+ campaigns across different sectors and Industry. Our experts have necessary qualifications and regarded as one of the top PPC experts who are qualified to run a high budget, complex campaigns on Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Expand Your Brand Presence, Reach Global Audience

Pay per click ‘aka’ PPC advertising helps small and medium businesses to expand their brand presence and reach the global audience through precision targeting, and optimal spend. Performetris Digital provides a full range of cost-effective PPC services to local and international clients to help achieve the business goals easily and quickly.

The process of starting a PPC ad campaign is simple. Craft a successful marketing strategy with the right combination of keywords, ad copies, and landing pages together with keyword bid, budget, and targeting. Maximize campaign results with our scientific approach to online advertising that communicates your brand USP to the target audience.

We have developed optimal methods and robust processes to identify competitive, cost-effective, and profitable keywords for your industry. We employ free and premium tools such as WordTracker, Google Keyword Tool, and SEMRush to do efficient keyword, competitor, and market research.

Google Adwords – Pay Per Click Ad Networks


Show your pay per click ad that is blended with the search results for the relevant and desired keywords and phrases that match your business theme.


Expand reach and brand presence by advertising on websites that attract potential customers. In addition to text ads, communicate your campaign message using image ads and video ads.

Kickstart Your PPC Campaigns: Search, Social, Video & Mobile Ads

Kickstart your pay per click advertising campaign on some of the most profitable paid search platforms that are powerful to achieve desired results – traffic, leads, and brand visibility. Our PPC experts design a well-thought out ppc campaign, smart ad copies, set up your ad campaign, and refine the campaign for an optimal conversion rate at the lowest possible cost per click (CPC).

  • Google Adwords
  • Bing AdCenter
  • Facebook PPC Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • LinkedIn PPC Ads
  • YouTube PPC Ads

Your Right PPC Partner for White Label Pay Per Click Management

Outsource your pay per click advertising campaigns to a leading PPC advertising company based in Bangalore, India. Performetris Digital is the right partner for all your white label PPC campaign needs.


Streamline a pay per click campaign with intelligent account structure that is based on the Client’s product or services.


Research, select and refine the keywords based on its profitability to business.


Create compelling and eye-catching ad copies that complement keyword searches to increase clickthrough-ratio.


Build an effective landing page to convert potential visits to actionable results.


Recapture missed potential customers with clever, custom targeted pay per click campaigns. Convert potential customers through the use of effective calls to action, compelling message, and attractive banner designs.


Manage bid efficiently based on several factors to improve the ROI of a PPC campaign.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is an essential aspect to improve conversions, minimise bounce rates, or cart abandonments.

Instant Brand Recall with Dedicated Performetris Team

The primary advantage of a PPC Campaign versus display banner ads or a TV ad is that you get charged only when someone will click on your ad. It’s as simple as ‘No click, No pay.’ Every impression your ad receives are free and could boost brand recall among target customers. No other digital campaign gives an instant result as a PPC campaign when targeted well with the right set of ads, keywords, and landing pages.

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Increase 5x customer growth within first 3 months
  • Impact the search results for brand visibility
  • Generate more online sales.
  • Maximise campaign ROIs
  • Speed up the traffic acquisition
  • Generate additional traffic resulting in business expansion.
  • Actionable strategies for more leads and better sales.
  • Well-crafted optimized PPC landing page
  • Measurable Results

Campaign Management

  • Audit Assessment & Research
  • Theme-based Campaign and AdGroup structure
  • Bid & Optimisation Management
  • International PPC Campaign Management
  • Reduce cost per click
  • Achieve optimised PPC traffic.
  • Improve the quality score level.
  • Improve return on investment and brand exposure.

Landing Page Optimisation

  • Landing Page Design
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • Increase conversion rates using LPO best practices
  • Landing Page Performance Testing

Facebook Ads

  • Determine target market and understand your targeted customer profile.
  • Maximise your PPC social presence
  • Targeting by Interests and Topics
  • Facebook Ads Remarketing
  • Facebook Ads Custom Audience

E-Commerce PPC

  • E-commerce Conversion Tracking
  • Goals and Funnels
  • Advanced E-commerce Product Reporting

Performance Reports

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Monthly Performance Review
  • Campaign Analysis and Optimization
  • Powerful Reporting & Tracking

Full Service Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

Our PPC management services include full-service key phrase research, account setup, campaign structure, writing compelling ad copies, landing page design, set up conversion tracking, detailed monthly reports and more. Your click-through fees are payable to the respective search engines. The optimal ROI strategy for startups is to combine both PPC and SEO services for first 6 months of the campaign launch. This strategy will ensure fast results and maximum presence within shortest possible time.

  • Market Research – Products/Services
  • In-depth Keywords Research and Selection
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strategy Creation – Goals, Target GEO, Target Audience
  • Search/Display Network
  • Bid Estimation
  • Daily Budget Estimation
  • PPC Account Structure – Campaigns, AdGroup Themes
  • PPC Campaign Management planning and execution
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Ad Copies: Text Ads, Banner Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Ads
  • CTR Analysis
  • Targeting: Interest-based Ads, Topic Targeting
  • Placement Sites, Remarketing, Custom Audience
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization
  • Installation and Testing of Conversion Tracking Code
  • Campaign Management – Bid Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization – A/B Testing
  • Tracking, Measurement, and Analysis

Dedicated and Strategic Campaign for Maximum Visibility

  • An ethical approach to Pay per click management.
  • Increase visibility of your brand among potential customers.
  • Drive instant traffic to your website, and convert visits to paying customers
  • Track and measure paid search campaign performance for online sales and website traffic
  • Well researched and a targeted campaign to boost website reputation and popularity.
  • Weed out unwanted and unproductive traffic.

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