Through website audit we make a thorough analysis of your website’s strengths and weaknesses. We review user behavior on your website, traffic sources and site usability to provide a comprehensive view of your site’s performance.

The Most Common Types Of Site Audits That We Offer Related To SEO Needs Are:

  • Site Health Audits: Assessing general site health or when there is a site health issue such as a downturn in traffic or positioning of unknown causation.
  • Red Flag Audits: Assessing a site for potential penalty issues. This should be part of a site health audit, but can be an audit unto itself.
  • Competitive Site Audits: Analyzing your site gaps, in its vertical and among your competitors to see what opportunities there are for site growth. Some will use this as a time to copy what their competitors do, but this can be a risky strategy.
  • Conversion Optimization Audits: Analyze conversion issues, which can be onsite or technical Negative SEO or Attacked Site Audits: Analyze downturns in site metrics when we know a site (or thought very likely) has been attacked by negative SEO methods.
  • Penalty and Recovery Audits: Analyze downturns in site metrics when a site is known (or thought very likely) to have been algorithmically or manually penalized.
  • Security Audits: Security audits for site vulnerability especially important in high-risk verticals and high value sites, which plays significant role

What Does An Audit Look Like?

Interpret data to ensure that you get the most appropriate results from the audit. We include the following in your reports:

  • Summary Analysis with Points of Action: Your audit would have lots of information. Your audit should contain a summary analysis that helps you quickly understand where your site stands, what the issues are and where your points of action are going to be.
  • Red Flag Warnings: Your site analysis should contain references to any potential site issues whether it is a penalty or conversion.
  • Data: The auditor should have site data and tool metrics in the report that gives you a glimpse of various complexities related to site penalization
  • Actionable Recommendations: Every site audit should have actionable recommendations that help you implement the findings of the audit.

Benefits Of Website Audit Services

  • Measure effectively of search engines:  Helps you know which search engines are most effective in generating traffic and revenue
  • Knowledge about the user interest: Details you the content, products, or offers that create the most user interest.
  • Measure effectively of ad campaign: Makes you learn which ad campaigns generate the most revenue
  • Provides right action plan: website audit report will provide you an action plan to remedy issues found during the analysis
  • Visitors Trend: Identify navigation paths taken by visitors
  • Enhance Visitors Experience: Helps in establishing ways to improve user experience on site.
  • Accommodate good SEO practices
  • Enhance site architecture
  • Boost visitor experience

Process In Website Audit

  • Understanding your needs: Comprehensive discussion to review your website goals, SEO history, competitor reviews, and a summary of how you would like to improve your websites performance.
  • Analysis: Review of your site IN DETAIL, noting how a first-time visitor actually experiences your website with an in depth description of whole range of experience
  • Reporting: A diagnostic look “under the hood” of your site programming and performance to get a complete overview of your online presence and follow-up discussion to walk through findings and recommended action plan.

Next Steps

Call or email us today and learn how website audit can help you boost your business. We will give you a free audit consultation and custom analysis that projects the kind of reach and results that you might gain using our website audit services.

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