Digital Marketing + SEO For Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry such as car dealers, car manufacturers increasing use digital media to reach out to the prospect customers. Internet have proved to be one of the effective marketing weapon for attracting customers and influence their behavior in buying cars, auto parts and subscribe to maintenance service.

Role of Digital Marketing in the Automotive Industry

Now with a few clicks of a mouse, a customer can have in depth knowledge about a particular auto maker, read reviews, compare best deals and keep informed with the upcoming car models. With a right integrated digital marketing partner, every auto maker and dealer can lower their customer acquisition costs. The automotive industry searches is growing exponentially as most end-users prefer searching and reviewing online before deciding to buy a car or bike from a showroom.

SEO Tips and Best Practices in the Automotive Industry

  • Create search engine-friendly URLs
  • LSI based Home Page Text focusing on keywords such as car dealers, automotive parts, etc.
  • Semantic Title and Meta Tags emphasizing automotive products and services
  • Avoid duplicate and copied contents from other Automotive news sources
  • Use descriptive ‘alt tags’ and ‘title’ tags for images: automotive part name, model number, brand name
  • Effective linking: Use descriptive automotive anchor text in links
  • Optimize Robots.txt file to block low-quality pages
  • Redirect with 301 redirects for broken links
  • Increase page speed and minimize page size with optimized car images
  • On-going Maintenance and regular updates related to auto industry

Natural Search visibility share of market – A report by SEMPO

SEMPO report: Ford has the highest visibility for a brand with 18 percent of the natural search visibility market share, followed by Chrysler (12%), Honda (10%), Pontiac (8%) and GMC (6%). American Honda Motor Company has 100% of their natural search market share coming from and is lacking visibility on the Acura brand. Pontiac and GMC are driving the success of General Motors Corporation. Ford is the top performing Ford Motor Company brand, followed by weak performances by other Ford Motor Company brands, and all of the Chrysler LLC brands have visibility. As brands, Audi, Land Rover, Subaru, Acura, Lincoln, Scion, Porsche, Hyundai, Bentley, Lamborghini, Maybach, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Tata and Jaguar have no visibility.

Automotive Keywords: Top Keywords for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay-Per Click (PPC)

These are the most popular keyword suggestions for automotive websites generated by Google Adwords in-built Keyword planner tool. Keywords such as automotive marketing, automotive digital marketing, automotive, automotive market research, automotive industry, automotive design, automotive technology, automotive parts, automotive manufacturers, automotive engineering among many other keywords.

Keywords: automotive, automotive cars, automotive parts, tires automotive, automotive accessories, automotive repair, buy new car, car dealers online, two wheelers reviews, compare cars, buy used cars, and so on.

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